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Everything you ever wanted to know about Caribbean Stud Poker.
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Are you a fan of Caribbean Stud Poker? If you're not, let's see if I can teach you to like it. There is tons of information for you to read up on including the rules of the game, the winning odds, and what the game online is all about. You'll find the content informal and interesting, and it may even convince you to try a free game. If you're already a big Caribbean Stud enthusiast, well then why don't you go straight to the free Caribbean Stud Poker game? It's fun and entertaining and of course, doesn't cost you a thing. How much better can it get? You also might want to look at some of the tips and the strategy to see if there's anything you can do to play a better game.

Although it's not the most popular game at the casinos, Caribbean Stud Poker isn't that new to the world of gambling. Many people first encountered the game on cruise ships and the Caribbean islands, where it first originated. The history of Caribbean Stud Poker began in Aruba in 1988 and was quickly made part of cruises that visited the beautiful islands to give the tourists more of a taste of the Caribbean life. Soon, the game migrated to the United States, where it found its way into many casinos bringing in some of that paradise atmosphere. Today, the game can be found at nearly every casino worldwide.

Since it came to the United States, Caribbean Stud has changed a little to attract more players. The main addition is the progressive jackpot, which appeals to many. In case you don't know what a progressive jackpot is, it starts off at a preset amount and keeps growing until someone wins it, at which point it's back to the starting point. The reason these types of jackpots are advantageous is because they give the players the chance to win more money than a fixed jackpot would.

Because the betting limits are pretty low in most cases, this casino game is played by all kinds of people - the rich and the not so fortunate. It doesn't require a hefty bankroll to be able to play and no one is left out of the game, like in baccarat. Enough of that though, let's move on to the rules so you can better understand the game.

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