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Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

Many players make the mistake of folding when they have a small pair of bluffing the dealer when their hand is weak. First of all, you will be dealt a pair 42% of the time and you'll win more often in the long run if you make the call bets; the house has a 7% edge against you if you fold and you want to avoid that by all means. Now, bluffing a dealer will gain you absolutely no advantage at all, since nothing you do has an impact of the overall game, just yours. The deceiving logic behind this move is that the player figures that the dealer won't qualify and, therefore, the player will be able to collect some money of the ante wager. But, the fact still remains that chances of the dealer qualifying are higher (56%) than him not qualifying. So, by making a call on a weak hand, the player is actually betting against the odds purposely, making for one bad game. Mathematically, a player who bluffs will lose 25% more of his ante over the long run than if he folded.

Another good Caribbean Stud Poker tip concerns the other players at the table. When playing the game, you're playing against the dealer, not the other players; this simplifies the game even further. The fact that you don't need to worry about what the other players' strategies are or what cards their holding has nothing to do with whether you win or lose. So, you might as well put your mind at ease.

Summary of Caribbean Stud Poker Tips:

- Watch the game before you play it so you can get a better feel of it or, better yet, play a few games online before you take it up at the casinos.
- Make sure you read everything around you and all the rules and limits at the particular table you wish to play at.
- This is a slow and social game that promises large payouts, but has a big house advantage. Determine if its pleasures offset its cost for you.
- To reduce the casino's edge to 5.32%, always make the Bet wager with ace-king-jack-8-3 or better.
- Never 'bluff' by playing a hand worse than ace-king high.
- The side bet on the progressive jackpot is the show's main attraction, but it often carries a gigantic house edge. You have to factor in the table minimum and the jackpot payouts before you'll know if the side bet is a positive play.
- If the jackpot goes over $352,150, you almost certainly have the 'edge' statistically but this doesn't mean that you'll win it!
- Payout odds vary from casino to casino, so check with the dealer to confirm your odds prior to playing.

That's all the Caribbean Stud Poker tips we have for you. Hopefully, you will enjoy the game and play it the smart way. These tips should put you a little ahead of the game and after practicing them for a while will become second nature to you. Have fun.

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